Part 2 – Y-DNA puzzle

A good night sleep and a few days away from the problem does wonders.  Renewed and ready to tackle my genealogy problem, I started by looking for George #1’s marriage in different locations.  I looked online at Family Search Wiki for Livingston County vital records.  I checked Livingston County, Illinois for historical and genealogical societies … More Part 2 – Y-DNA puzzle

A Y-DNA Puzzle

Lately I have been focusing on DNA research, so I was excited when a new match came in for my husband’s Y-DNA.  Since he can trace his Scott ancestry back to William Scott from Hatfield, Massachusetts in the 1600’s with paper documentation, I assumed this new match would be descended from William Scott as well.  … More A Y-DNA Puzzle

Pace DNA Discovery

DNA is the hot new research tool in genealogy. Yet it is only as effective as any other tool when used in conjunction with other documentation. Sometimes it can give you information that you would have no other way of finding as with my case below. Many years ago, I found a birth record for … More Pace DNA Discovery