Family Stories

Everybody loves a good story.  Family stories can be true, embellished upon as time goes by, or made up to cover what really happened.  Whatever they are, with the proper research you can discover the truth.  We can also learn something about ourselves from our ancestors.

For example, my daughter is an artist.  So are two of her cousins and her uncle.  A family artifact in the form of a school drawing book showed that my daughter’s 2nd great grandmother was an artist as well, passing her talent to those descendants.  Who was this lady? What was her life like?  Read about Kate Monteith Mayo here.

signed fruit
Kate Mayo drawing done February 7, 1872, age 14

My son went into accounting.  Family research revealed five accountants in the family some on his mother’s side, some on his fathers.  Two very different stories are of Lloyd Bahler (read here), a struggling accountant and Charles S. McCulloh (read here) an affluent accountant.

My husband had a business as a cabinetmaker, making custom furniture.  Finding his great great grandfather was also a cabinetmaker was exciting.  Read about William M. Scott here.