Fouch Family Book

I am in the middle of writing a book on the Fouch Family.  It all started when I began research on my ancestor John Fouch.  The 1840 census was consulted and six John Fouchs with approximately the same birth year were found in four different states.  Which one belonged to my family?

In order to distinguish my ancestor from the rest, it was necessary to compile a complete family history of all Fouchs to place each John under that proper father.   It took two years of research using original records, secondary records, and traveling to known locations to find my John.  When I was done I had five generations of the Fouch family.  Wanting to share what I had found with others, I decided to compile my notes for others to read.  Hence the beginnings of the Fouch Family Book.

As I researched, I noticed several things about this family.  They repeated given names with each generation.  It seemed like every family had a John Fouch!  Abraham was another popular name.  They moved around a lot.  It was not unusual for an individual to live in 3 different stated during his lifetime.  Loraine Criddle’s Fouch Family newsletter helped immensely with this, giving me clues as to where an individual might have gone when he disappeared.

So as I progress in my research of this family (I am now into the 7th generation), I will post problems that I find and how I solved them.

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