New Fouch Family book

After two years of research and a year of writing, I finally I picked up my book from the printers yesterday.

IMG_9199 - 2

The book was a result of a hunt for my ancestor, John Fouch,  in the 1840 Census.  Six John Fouchs with the same approximate birth year were found in four states.  How to determine which one was mine?   I researched each one, compiling multiple generations. Not wanting to waste all the information I had gathered, putting it into a book seemed like a possibility.  Of course that meant lots more research.  Ultimately I found 38 men named John Fouch over four generations.

As I worked, I found much confusion and inaccurate information written about the Fouch family, hence I footnoted everything I found.  The difficulty in sorting the lines came because they were so prolific and gave their children the same names.  The fact that they moved from state to state made sorting the generations even more difficult.

Fouch map
Map of Fouch migrations 1752-1870 

There are seven chapters covering the immigrant ancestor Hugh Fouch b. 1618, to his 7th great grandchildren.  All is footnoted with an index included. The table of contents reads:

Introduction                                     1

Arrival in America                          3

2nd Generation                                 5

3rd Generation                                  7

4th Generation                                  9

5th Generation                                  17

6th Generation                                  35

Unconnected Fouch Lines             89

Index of Fouch names                    99

Index of Non Fouch names            106

Index of Places                                111

Since the book was self published, if you would like to order a copy, please contact me at

Here are a few sample pages:

IMG_9206 cropped 2

IMG_9207 cropped

IMG_9209 cropped

IMG_9212 cropped

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